Sample Water Use Agreement

If there is an acceptable way to eliminate grey water, the waterline may remain, provided a water use agreement is reached. Performance-based management contract for water and sanitation services All water pipes that run out of the rented campsite require a contract to use the campsite. If the recovered water is used, a return water contract is executed between the owner and the city, which contains service conditions, and a number of approved irrigation plans are required before the connection. If the existing data is not accurate or extended in context, it may be appropriate to include, at the beginning of the contract, a calibration period during which the operator would have reduced liability. A more detailed explanation of this description and the World Bank text can be found on the World Bank`s website for infrastructure and law and click on Sample Clauses, Benchmarking Period. This form of contract is useful as the first management contract, as part of a process to introduce private sector participation, in which the performance of a water system and the condition of assets are reasonably safe and where the government is prepared to maintain and preserve the risk of operating assets. It has good incentives to improve standards and efficiency. Water Management Contract 3 pdf Water Management Contract 3 Annexes pdf Resale or reuse of recovered waterThe resale or reuse of the recovered water is not permitted and results in the termination of the reuse contract. The terms and conditions contain useful provisions concerning „boiler plate“ (point 1.3), conflict of interest (CL 3.3), clear limitation of liability (with exclusion for consecutive damages) (CL 9.2), force majeure (Cl 9.6), risks of war (cl. 9.7) Termination Allowance (CL 9.2), Warrant And Arbitration Clause (CL 1.6), A Clear Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Clause (CL 6) , a full contractual clause (CL 1.3.6), a suspension clause (C. 11.1), priority to documents (C. 1.2), remission in the event of termination (C. 2.2.4) The contract was implemented in circumstances where it was recognized that private sector involvement would be the only way to rapidly improve a system that does not work, but if a transfer or something consistent had been politically unacceptable.

The treaty strikes a balance between creating real performance incentives and realizing that private water suppliers would attract heavily because of low water prices and instability in the region. One of the stated objectives of the contract is to extend services to low-income and rural areas – there are no details on how to achieve this, whether through the provision of traditional services or stand pipes, etc., although some of the performance standards are an increased provision of services to the hinterland. It may be useful to include a more detailed plan for service delivery in poor areas, applicable service standards, billing procedures in these areas, etc. The contractor supports the operation of an existing system during a transitional period during which several distribution companies have been grouped into a single system. The contractor assumes the risk associated with the condition and performance of the assets. The contractor had access to a data room prior to the signing of the contract, and the Authority undertakes to submit a heritage register – which is unusual, because the heritage registers do not appear (or are inaccurate and obsolete), but part of the contractor`s level of service is to check the various registers.