Cash Collection Services Agreement

This document (as well as our privacy policy, website terms of use and website terms of use (policies) provides you with information about us and the legal conditions to which we sell you one of the services through our website.) Your consent to these terms and conditions is part of the order (order). These terms and conditions govern the overall relationship between you and us with respect to the services we offer. 14. INDEMNITY LIMITS14.1 With regard to a collection service, The compensation provided at item 13.1 (a) is limited to a maximum of USD 4,500 for all cash payments made to our representative to a collection agency collection agency.14.2 The compensation provided at 13.1 a) does not apply in any case to the losses or damages you have suffered as a result of uninsured risks or their magnitude. in one of the uninsured risks contributed to this. 2. DURATION AND OUR SERVICES2.1 This contract takes effect from the time you place the order you placed is accepted by us until the Services are completed.2.2 Services are not available to you if you are an existing customer with us for services that have not been purchased through our website. If you are such an existing customer, we are happy to discuss your requirements with you and ask you to contact your Account Manager.2.3 We agree to provide and perform the services under the terms set out in this Agreement. The services consist of: (1) the collection of cash receipts and cheques from you to be transferred to your designated bank branch, your bank or cheque processing centre (collection service) and can also deduct (2) the counting and entering of the cash value and the sharing of a credit advice to your bank so that it can credit your bank account (Treatment service). 2.4 The pickup service is carried out on the first business day (the service date in the calendar you selected as part of the order) and delivered on the 2nd business day. If a processing service is to be provided, this service (and the credit advice to your bank) will not be part of our processing service at the end of business day 3.2.5 The discovery of counterfeit notes will not be part of our processing service. However, in the event that we find a false debt in the cash to be processed, we reduce the total amount that will be credited to you from the amount of that note and return the note to the Bank of England, in accordance with the law. If a note is then found and returned by a bank cash centre, you agree to refund the value of that debt.

5. GENERAL5.1 You confirm that you have the power to link any business entity to which you use our website to purchase services.5.2 This agreement and guidelines represent the entire agreement between you and us regarding services purchased through our website, and demean and remove all previous agreements, promises, insurance, guarantees. , insurance and agreements between us, regardless of that, Whether in writing or orally, you acknowledge that at the time of the conclusion of this Agreement, you will not defer to statements, assurances, assurances or guarantees (whether innocent or negligent) that are not stipulated in this agreement or in our directives.5.4 You and we agree that none of us is entitled to an innocent or erroneous statement or a false statement by negligence. statement contained in the agreement.